Warmed Caramel Milk

by Betty Bee


Warm, creamy caramel milk may be  served straight-up or fortify it with some whiskey,  brandy or even a splash of rum for a dreamy bedtime drink.

Enough for two

400 ml milk, whole or skimmed
50 g sugar
2 tablespoons water
Whiskey,  brandy or rum to tate (optonal)

Place the sugar and water in a pan and stir to dissolve the sugar. Place the pan over a gentle heat, stirring all the time.

Meanwhile in a separate pan warm the milk gently.

When the sugar and water have turned into a golden caramel, stir in a small amount of the milk, be careful as the mixture may spit. Continue stirring in the milk until fully combined.

Pour in the alcohol if using and serve.